Handwash Stations

Event Sanitation

The Handwash Station from Explorer is designed as a self-contained unit which allows outdoor event crowds to have easy access to warm water. Stainless steel sinks and counters, with self-closing water saver faucets are simple to clean and maintain. Large water and grey-water tanks ensure plenty of use before the need to discharge and recharge.

All built onto a commercial grade trailer chassis for easy towing. Custom painted steel frame with locking diamond plate utility doors which house the water heater and pressure pump. Decal and branding options are available.

Standard 8 Sink Handwash Station

  • Model: #TF688 Portable Handwash Station
  • Fresh water: 225 US gallons, horizontal poly tank
  • Grey water: 250 US gallon, galvanized holding tank, 2” valve
  • Counter tops: stainless with eight sinks – 12”diameter
  • Faucets: self closing water saving
  • Dispensers: (4) stainless steel paper towel, (4) soap
  • Utility compartment: 32”H x 25”D x 44”W with (2) access doors, lock
  • Water Heater: 30 US gallon, 500W, 120V, with mixer valve
  • Electrical: 15 AMP, 120V power cord
  • Supply pressure: 120V demand pump with pressure reserve tank
  • Trailer frame: structural steel with A frame tongue, 2”coupler
  • Running gear: 2200 lb. Rubber torsion axle, 5 bolt, 175180R13 tires
  • Stabilizer jacks: front tongue jack with (2) front fold up
  • Safety standard: 2200 lb GVW, light package, safety chain
  • Finish: epoxy primer with polyurethane top coat
  • Option: propane hot water, 12v demand pump, faucets, mirrors, etc

Deluxe Model Sink Handwash Station

Deluxe 10 Sink Handwash Station
with Upgraded Mixing Faucets,
Vanity Mirrors & Exterior Lighting

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